Jewellery Care

Charlotte's Outré Jewellery are lightweight and easy to care for as they are handmade using oven-baked polymer clay that are considerably durable. With minimal care, retaining the original quality can be effortless. 

How to Care for your Jewellery

  • Avoid keeping your jewellery in a place directly under strong sunlight and places with moisture such as bathroom.
  • Avoid showering with your jewellery and use any chemicals to clean it. You will only need to use water or wet wipes to clean your jewellery (keep water away from the metal components)
  • Avoid stacking your jewellery with other items like keys as this may cause some parts that are thin to break or scratch (if there are resin coating on it).
  • If your resin jewellery or jewellery with resin coating has lost its shine, do not use nail polish to recover its shine as it will become sticky. You can simply use water or a damp cloth to clean it.